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5-Minute Sieve

August 20, 2010 Leave a comment

I was blending aluminum siding and I needed a way to separate the sizes and keep the finest dust out of the blender and my lungs. It doesn’t look pretty but a sieve made out of door screening fitted between two yogurt containers does the trick.

1. I first cut the bottom off of one of them and traced a circle on a square of screening with it. I then cut the screening into a circle about an inch wider than the circle that I traced and then cut tabs that I folded around the outside of the yogurt container and taped down.

2. To get the two containers to fit together tighter I folded a sheet of paper into a strip and taped it to the outside of the top container.

3. To use my sieve I stack the two containers, put my material of mixed sizes into the top container, put the lid on and shake. The finer powder falls to the bottom container while the un-blended stock remains in the top.

Lab Storage Space

July 22, 2010 5 comments

 Stuck for space? Try this.

Until I get my garage cleaned out, there is very little space for storing my chemicals and lab equipiment. Since our microwave died last year, it has become the main storage area for all of my chemicals.

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Discount Glassware

I recently purchased a lab’s worth of glassware from Ginsberg Scientific on Amazon for about $70. The individual pieces are as follows: Griffin beakers, one 50ml, two 250ml and one 600ml — Erlenmeyer flasks; one 50ml, two 250ml and one 500ml –six medicine droppers — six stir rods 6″ — one graduated cylinder 10ml — one graduated cylinder 100ml — one serological pipet — twelve test tubes 16x150mm — one short stem funnel 75mm x 75mm. All (with the possible exception of the eyedroppers) are of Bomex borosilicate glass and are resistant to thermal shock. I hope to be using these soon.